Finance Days

Our objective is to create a forum for investors to inform about the latest developments in finance. Most of the information provided in the financial industry is either channeled through mainstream media – thus having to be quite simplified – or focused on specialists with an expected level of theoretical background not easy to digest.

“Finance Days” is a unique, workshop-based concept providing one to one access to financial industry experts.

Why attend?

The main target group consists of high-net-worth individuals as well as family offices, fund managers and any type of investors aiming to stay at the top-notch development of financial engineering.

Main outcome of these workshops would be to gain insight in interesting developments of the financial industry and meeting not only people behind the scenes but also people sharing the same interests and having similar objectives as yourself.

In the context of an exclusive group of industry experts and investors, the networking concept works as its best. In contrast to typical industry events, where potential investors are buried with information and attempts to make contact. Finance Days are an exclusive retreat in the spirit of best practices, without the burden of a product presentation.

Next Steps

We are currently in preparation for the first sessions in Q1 2014. If you are interested in receiving more Information pls. send an email to:



All communication, any documents and events related with “Finance Days” are purely educational. No investment advice is given whatsoever, nor any investment products are offered.

All concepts presented are the intellectual property of the speakers, presented “as-is” and without any warranty if applied in real investment situations.

The organizer of these Events, (AdvancedPortfolio S.L.) does not take any liability for the concepts presented in “Finance Days” presentations or any published document.